Sep 5, 2013

Robocop Reboot Gets Its First Trailer

We're happy to have somehow gotten a hold of the brand new trailer for the Robocop reboot directed by José Padilha, which offers us a much more fleshed out look at this futuristic Detroit overrun by crime. Omnicorp is back with their same ideals about melding flesh and machinery, but overall they've taken a few liberties in offering a different take on Murphy's origin story.

The thing that bugs me the most about this initial look is that he's a bit more of a superhero now, with a selection of suits and abilities akin to Tony Stark rather than a straight up cyborg with definite limitations. Don't want to be dogging it just based off a trailer, but like most fans of the original there's been some good reasons to have some doubts as to whether it was necessary to reboot a scifi classic. Judge for yourself, and share your opinions.

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