Sep 6, 2013

The Art Of 5Ann

Who is 5ANN? It truly is a mystery, but following spending a little too much time trying to find a little more information we found out the following A)She's a female illustrator B)She's based out China C)We love her fun, colorful art.

Perhaps you may have noticed that we've been on quite a bender of stylized, colorful art lately, but heck with all this talk of war, job troubles (Myself included) for many and all that fun stuff it just seems right. 5Ann definitely taps into her nostalgia and things that make her happy as a common trait in her art, and we really can't blame her for that. If you're looking to finish your week on a visual high note, you'll like what you see after the break. In the meanwhile I'll get back to browsing cat pictures on Tumblr to cheer myself up.

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