Sep 28, 2013

Vanishing Waves - Reality Shatters

Directed by the upcoming Lithuanian director Kristina Buozyte, this trailer for the now released Vanishing Waves is a pretty amazing glimpse into the surreal scifi thriller. The plot shares some definite similarities to Tarsem Singh's The Cell (A guilty pleasure of mine), involving a protagonist jumping into the mind of a comatose young woman as part of an experiment. Inevitably, things go astray. This type of premise is just ripe for some truly stunning visuals, and it definitely looks like it didn't disappoint in that regard.

The end result is a mix of Tarsem with a dash of inspiration from 70's surreal, new age directors like Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain, Incal, El Topo). Overall reception from people who actually checked out the film was pretty positive, although the movies release was so limited earlier this year that it flew under just about everybody's radar (Ours included, sadly). Thankfully, the DVD version was released just recently on Amazon, although a movie like this might find new life on Netflix like Panos Cosmatos' similarly surreal movie Beyond the Black Rainbow did.

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