Sep 28, 2013

The Art Of Junkboy

Junk Boy is a mysterious artist based out of Stockholm, Sweden - And I have to say that he's a man of a very varied artistic diet, enjoying experimenting and tinkering in a variety of styles in a successful manner. When he's not tinkering with some truly amazing pixel art mockups of fictional videogames over at Pixeljoint, he's typically working on some truly cool illustrations featuring homages to videogames, old and new. One of his tributes to the very visually distinct retro Psygnosis covers (After the break) is incredibly spot on, kudos if you get the reference.

If you guys ever remember that explosively viral image of Haggar from Final Fight body slamming a shark from back in the day, it was Junk Boy who came up with it. Take a trip into the colorful world of the Swedish artists mind after the break!

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