Sep 29, 2013

Disney's Frozen - Full Trailer

We brought you the teaser trailer to Disney's Frozen back in June, and a comparison to a 2009 student film that same month.  Now we have the full length trailer to the CG animated film, due to be released in November.  Seeing as it's Disney, it's almost certain we're going to see it on that basis alone.  That said, if I had to base off the trailer alone, then I have some reservations.  It's possible Disney decided to splice together several of the action and comedy scenes into the trailer just to garner an audience, but it feels forced somehow.

It feels like any other popular American animation, with the same wacky hijinx and gags.  While I'm admittedly no marketing experience, I would think that Disney could preview one of their films minus the shtick, and still attract a wide audience.  That said, perhaps I'm off-base and Disney is previewing their upcoming feature accurately.  Basically, what you see is what you get?  Of course, final judgement will be reserved upon viewing, and I really look forward to this release.

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