Sep 28, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Le Gouffre

Three Montreal based animators and a healthy dose of good old fashioned ambition - That is the current driving force behing Le Gouffre (The Abyss), which just recently hit the Kickstarter block in the search for additional funding to help keep them going on their journey to finish this 8 minute short. This team took the ultimate risk in order to pursue their passion, quitting their jobs because they believed so much in what they were working on. That's pretty damn cool. Le Gouffre is pretty beautiful, employing a painterly visual style developed thanks to a handful of cool shaders, which resembles a mix of Borderlands and cel shading. If you're interested in throwing some coin their way, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

This is the first teaser for our short film Le Gouffre, which is almost finished and should be released in spring 2014. It's made by a team of only three people, and we've been working on this close to 2 years with no salary. This teaser was created to promote our Kickstarter campaign, which will be running from Sept. 9th to Oct. 9th 2013, to help us pay for the music and sound design of the film.

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