Sep 17, 2013

The World Of Milo - Another Amazing Animated Series From France

Following gorgeously animated series like Wakfu and a trip to Paris to check out the art scene, I'll say it again: France is the second-coming of the anime industry. While visiting I noticed that the art scene followed the same rules as Japan, in which the creator gets all the credit and retains the rights to his creation, which has resulted in a thriving culture there with young artists.

The World Of Milo is from the mind of French artist Christopher Ferreira, a former Les Gobelins alum who has actually worked in the Japanese anime industry on series including Lupin III, Genius Party, Bleach and other series, and he brought those skills back to work on his own series. There's a definite Ghibli-esque feel to the entire premise, involving a boy finding a new world and an epic quest on the other side of a nondescript lake. Here's to hoping it makes the jump to the West, as the animation looks gorgeous.

The World of Milo takes place close to a house by the lake, in which he often finds himself alone. One day he finds a beautiful gold fish, and his life changes forever! Following after the great fish, Milo runs into a man with the head of a toad, then another with an eagle's head, soon followed by a trapped girl. Milo discovers that on the other side of the lake lies an incredible fantasy world in which a battle between good and evil rages on. Over time he realizes that his involvement in this story isn't by chance.

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