Sep 24, 2013

The Amazing Custom Model Kits Of MDSP - Master Level

A dash of Gundam, a few Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell, some Maschinen Krieger with a dash of Armored Core - Those are just a few components of a model kit hobbyists complete breakfast. We just recently unearthed the website of Japanese custom model kit maker/customizer/kitbasher MDSP, who does this work for a living. A master of his craft, the level of detail that he dedicates to each and every piece is nothing short of astounding, showing off just how absorbed he gets into each one of his projects.

Through the painting process and the application of wear on the Zaku above, MDSP successfully conveys an image of a battle hardened veteran unit which has seen it's fair share of time on the battlefield. You can't help but just appreciate someone who truly treats every little miniature as a labor of love from start to finish..His vast gallery houses dozens of amazing projects, but we've hand picked a few for you to check out after the break! For any mech head out there, prepare yourself for some truly amazing eye candy.


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