Aug 15, 2013


Untitled is a highly surreal video installation currently being crafted by Italian artist Donato Sansone (Who goes by Milkeyes) as a strange, unsettling series of highly surreal video vignettes masterfully crafted with plenty of experimentation in compositing and video post techniques using a mixture of Photoshop and Aftereffects. Coupled with the surreal sound treatment by Enrico Ascoli and Portrait is a truly Lynchian endeavor, effectively accomplishing the goal that Milkeyes set out to execute: Creating living paintings with an unnatural, strange sense of life.

(Portrait) is a video where in fact nothing happens unless the staging of these beautiful abstract portraits 'live' with the possibility 'of animated inserts of foreign elements within the scene that interact with the portraits. the project may 'have different destinations and purposes' such as art exhibitions, video installations artistic events related to art in general, but also the festival of animation, experimental video, galleries etc. 

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