Aug 13, 2013

The Art Of Nik Yeliseyev

Nikolay Yeliseyev is a Russian concept artist and illustrator that captivated me with his darker, grittier work, filled with strange dystopian worlds and surreal entities, which just happened to hit the spot during a week that's been nothing short of dreary (At least for me). Hailing from Russia, Nikolay has only come into the spotlight recently with his work, having only been active in the videogame industry since 2009. Since that time he's been featured multiple times in the yearly Expose (A showcase for the best digital art work) publication.

Nikolay is currently employed at Saber Interactive, best known for the recently released God Mode, as well as some rather forgettable movie tie in projects (R.I.P.D., Battle For Los Angeles). I'm kind of let hoping that he'll someday get a chance to work on something a little more cinematic, as his rather dark take on scifi is pretty intriguing, drawing from his more Eastern European flavored upbringing. Check out more of his awesome illustration work after the break.

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