Aug 22, 2013

Juan Behren's Awesome Motion Graphics Reel

I love motion design, the ability to bring static illustrations to life, imbue them with personality with movement and fluidity. Juan Behrens (Aka Br4k) is one such artist, a well traveled animator, designer and illustrator specializing in high end motion illustration in the fields of broadcast advertising and beyond, with a total of 7 years of experience across a range of continents and a resume filled with high end clientele.

I think my personal love for motion design comes from the fact that I see it as a much more difficult, creative craft than plain out animation, which typically involves bringing a character to life. Motion design involves bringing things like text, and more abstract concepts to life within a much more limited timeframe, especially when it comes to things like idents..So when it's done well it's something to be really appreciated. Check out Juan's website for more extensive breakdowns, as well as a slew of different projects.

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