Aug 22, 2013

Let's Check Out - Loot Crate (August Box)

A few months ago at E3 we were approached by a rather friendly group of folks, who turned out to be the founders of a company called Loot Crate. Their idea was novel - Capitalize on the recent trend of subscription boxes and cater it more towards a more niche, geek crowd at a cheaper price. Needless to say, the concept has taken off and they have been doing really well. The idea of looking forward to a mystery box every month is pretty appealing, especially considering the sheer variety of product that you can be expected to receive on a monthly basis.

The August box swag, along with the July box's awesome pixel glassses (Can't get enough of 'em)
We were invited to check out their crates, and received our first one this month after a shipping mix up that delayed our June box till it was a little too late to make a video. We'll be checking out the contents of these boxes on a monthly basis, and the folks at Loot Crate were even gracious enough to hook us up with some discounts for our readers. If you head over to , you can use the code 'CAKE' to get 12% off any subscription to the service. Cheers!

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