Jul 22, 2013

Worth Checking Out - SOS: Ship of Sacrifice

No, unfortunately SOS: Ship of Sacrifice isn't a Titanic simulator, but in many ways it beats the tragic story between Rose and Jack (excluding Leonardo DiCaprio of course). Ship of Sacrifice is an online co-op adventure game, where players must work together to escape a disease ridden ship by using communication and wits. Using a blend of both adventure game and RPG mechanics, it isn't much of a surprise to see the Earthbound/Mother series influenced artwork.

The gameplay shown is enough to perk my interest, and with the developer's at Water Bottle studios' emphasis on co-op focused puzzles, this will hopefully introduce a variety of puzzles outside your stereotypical, "press the button at the same time"-mechanic.

It's a rare sight to see an online co-op game that is more exploration and story driven amongst the mass of co-op shooters. With only 10 days left the game is sitting at around $3,000 of it's $40,000 goal, a long stretch away but not entirely impossible. Check out SOS: Ship of Sacrifice's Kickstarter page over here, the tier rewards are pretty dang modest.

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