Jul 21, 2013

Wildstar - Dirty Little Secrets Trailer Reveals Some Unseen Factions

Originally teased in the announcement videos for the Meet the Dominion and Exiles, the folks at Carbone have finally unveiled the final two races in their upcoming Wildstar MMO. The Chua, aligned with the Dominion are a race of furry, tinkering, psychopathic mad scientists with a knack for destruction. The Mordesh, aligned with the rebel Exile faction are an afflicted, mutated humanoid race, infected with a strange disease that they're desperately trying to cure.

Following the reveal I think we'll definitely be getting our hands on those crazy Chua when we get a chance to take the beta for a spin. Really been loving these hand crafted promos, especially the amount of personality they manage to imbue in each of them. Head on over to the Dirty Little Secrets page to learn more about the two races, as well as for signing up for the beta!

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