Jul 11, 2013

Wildstar - The Devspeak Series

While the title of this video might not seem terribly exciting on first glance, you really should check this video out to hear about how important of a mechanic aiming is going to be in Wildstar, turning combat into an actual skill shot oriented affair. I don't know about you but I've played my fair share of MMO's, and over time grown tired of the mostly mechanical, turn based combat. There are exceptions of course, like the more action oriented Tera and even Vindictus, but ultimately the developers are hoping to take those initial steps and streamline them into something altogether new.

What the folks at Carbine intend to introduce is a freeform targeting system which will absolutely make it crucial to line up and properly aim in order to deliver your attacks, dodge, block and even heal your allies. After having had a chance to talk to the incredibly friendly and passionate devs at E3, I'm getting the feeling that Wildstar might finally revitalize the Western MMO market. Check out the devspeak episodes regarding player paths, movement and housing after the break to further delve into the mechanics of the world of Wildstar, and if you're joining us a new reader, be sure to check out What Is Wildstar? for an overview of the world and gameplay.

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