Jul 11, 2013

The Art Of Ryota-H

Illustrator and comic book artist Ryota-H (Ryota Hayatsu) has been killing it lately in his freelance career, scoring high level work on projects like Lord of Vermillion, a hugely popular Japanese arcade franchise, illustrations for Atsushi Okubo's popular Soul Eater anime, and countless work for various trading card games in his home country.

Hayatsu's work is ridiculously kinetic, emphasizing a sense of movement and action, even if his pieces have no characters in them. It's quite a talent to be able to make visually balanced pieces when the compositions are so wild, which I definitely found to be admirable. Subtlety is not his forte, and I love his work for being just that: Over the top. Check out more of his action packed illustration work after the break!

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