Jul 26, 2013

When Marketing Goes Too Far - Gundam ver. Chanel

Has science gone too far? While using pop culture and anime to advertise popular brand is far from new in Japan, this custom built Gundam might be pushing the trend a bit too far. Yes, I admit the glossy black color is badass but do we really need a Mech plastered all over it's body? Despite the ridiculousness of the mod, SunyBuny has knack for creating some of the best looking custom built Gundams on the market, and Gundam ver. Chanel is a quality project.

SunyBuny's work on the Chanel branded Gundam isn't official, so if you're worried/excited about seeing a line of these lining the display window at your local upscale department store, don't fret because this is one-of-a-kind. For more images of the custom kit hit the jump. On a related note, don't forget to check out Chanel Gundam's mortal enemy that we covered a while back, Louis Vuitton Gundam.

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