Jul 5, 2013

Walter - The Gathering

 Walter is a gorgeous animated short starring the titular protagonist escaping from an authoritarian regime in a city, while flashbacks bring back painful memories from the past that ultimately shaped him into what he is today - A freedom fighter. The short uses a mix of stylish 3D in the escape sequences with hand painted backgrounds, and transitions into monochromatic 2D to sell the flashback aspect. Considering that this was dubbed as a 'Chapter 1,' I'd seriously love to see this fleshed out into something more long form, especially considering the cool ending.

An animated short created by Theo Dusapin, Clément Dartigues and Louis Marsaud, students of the French School of Visual Arts in Aquitaine. The cool electro track in the short was by Claek, with sound design by Maxime Berland. Check out the making of reel for the short after the break!

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