Jul 6, 2013

Trois Petit Chats

Quite possibly one of the saddest shorts I've seen in a while, Trois Petit Chats (Three Little Cats) is a dramatic short about a little cat witnessing the death of his entire family over time, and one father's sacrifice to comfort his ailing child. After watching the short I found the style to be incredibly interesting, with the entire family and their world having a doll like quality to it, down to the way the clothing is styled to the way the mysterious ailment in portrayed in the protagonists, with a porcelain-like cracking represented as a symptom.

After some research it turns out that the Supinfocom team behind the short drew their design inspiration from Pipos Dolls, a Korean company specializing in high end, highly poseable dolls with an anthropomorphic nature to them, as well as normal dolls too. The aesthetic that they drew from ultimately gave Trois Petit Chats a very exotic visual flavor to go along with the rather sad story of this unfortunate family. The short is currently being toured around the international festival circuit.

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