Jul 18, 2013

The Scifi Art Of James Zapata

James Zapata is a New Jersey based concept artist and illustrator with a knack for scifi illustration, currently following the freelance route with the aid of companies including Wizards of the Coast and Applibot, a Japanese company that has recruited a huge number of artists for their Legends Of The Cryptids and Galaxy Saga trading card franchises in the last year or so.

Following the recent trend of contemporary digital illustrations, James uses a mixture of painting, 3D and photo compositing to accomplish his awesome scifi pieces, which draw influence from a more organic form of scifi (Digital Extreme's Warframe comes to mind) over the more common, mechanized art we're accustomed to. With less than 4 years of experience under his belt, I've watched James make some tremendous progress since he first landed on the art scene a few years ago. Check out more of his scifi goodness after the break!

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