Jul 18, 2013

Shinjuku - The Film

Animated, directed and illustrated by acclaimed artist and director Robert Valley (Massive Swerve, The Gorillaz, Aeon Flux) and narrated by actor Danielle Vasinova (To Hell with a Bullet, White Trash Noir), Shinjuku: The Film is an animated adaptation of the Yoshitaka Amano illustrated Shinjuku graphic novel, written by Mink. This highly moody, noir-like animated adaptation incorporates Valley's highly stylized visual take on the series, as well as some of the motion comic techniques he's been experimenting with on past personal projects like Massive Swerve and Pear Cider And Cigarettes. So far I think this adaptation is absolutely incredible, and hope to see Valley extend this treatment into an ongoing series.

In the year 2020, bounty hunter Daniel Legend finds himself tracking a quarry of a different kind: his long-lost sister. Armed only with his wits, his gun, and a mysterious postcard, Daniel makes his way to the heart of the seedy Shinjuku district of Tokyo, where a clash between two underworlds - the criminal and the infernal - threatens the very fabric of reality.

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