Jul 29, 2013

The Art Of Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen (Who goes by the alias of Pockypuu) is a Vietnam born, yet Georgia based illustrator who captivated us with her series of surreal portraits, featuring subjects suspended in various flowing materials or shattering into abstract, geometric pieces. Her distinct style is the result of a melting pot of influences, including the works of Gustav Klimt, Hayao Miyazaki and Bruce L. Moon.

Her traditonally executed pieces are all created using thin glazes of acrylic and color pencils on paper, adding a pleasant textural element to all her surreal, abstracted paintings. In an interview with her college post graduation (SCAD), she had some words of inspiration to offer all aspiring artists:

The wisest thing I can tell aspiring artists is to have a confident outlook. It’s crucial to trained yourself to accept that not every project will be successful.  You’ll always take/learn something from every project, whether a success or not.  Having a strong, optimistic mentality when approaching the industry is imperative if you want your career to go for the long haul.

Check out more of her beautiful illustration work after the break.

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