Jul 8, 2013

The Art Of Positive Taro

Positive Taro, aka Shotaro Uetsuji is a 32 year old illustrator hailing from Nara, the city of deer and Buddhist temples situated in the Kansai region of Japan. The illustrator has categorized himself as a retro pop artist, delivering some truly unique, colorful art inspired by a mixture of graffiti, story book illustration and inspirations from his own childhood. Most of his illustrations feature a glut of playful detail and things going on, accented by areas of color to bring out the truly important subject matter.

There's a real whimsical, childlike nature to his work in terms of the raw imagination behind each of his pieces, usually featuring no set theme and instead opting for a stream of conciousness style approach to filling up each piece with details relevant to Uetsuji. His work encourages exploration, and I ended up finding myself trawling each of his pieces for fun litte details to discover, like the Rubik's cube hiding in the corner of the above piece, or the Triforce scrawled into the skateboard next to the burger munching kid and his monster. Take a break and enjoy more of Shotaro's unique illustrations after the break!

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