Jul 8, 2013

Brutal Doom Continues To Improve iD's Classic FPS

Without a doubt, Doom has one of the longest standing modding communities out there, and they're still going strong with their mods of the classic shooter, adding refined sound, graphics and even improving the combat significantly in cases like Brutal Doom, a project in development since 2010 by a very dedicated modder called Sergeant Mark IV. While this mod allows your game to retain that distinct Doom feel, that's where the similarities pretty much end as a result of the complete overhaul that the mod brings to the classic gameplay experience. In the very words of the creator himself:

The whole world becomes more real and interactive. You can hurt yourself with the shrapnel if you shoot a gun too close of a wall, you can kick severed limbs and heads (and sometimes, use it to activate some traps in the map earlier), you can shoot enemies' heads to deal more damage (and cause more gruesome deaths) you can destroy most things in the the scenario (trees, lamps, hanging bodies, etc), you can paint the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling with blood, you can push the explosive barrels to make traps, or grab them and use like an explosive weapon, you can silently take down enemies from behind and perform stealth kills, you can use the chainsaw to rip when you find the berserk pack and get super strength, you can perform cinematic executions and obliterate your foes with your bare hands. Blood will drip through your visor every time you shoot enemies too close.

Everything in Brutal Doom is extremely intense. Everything sounds louder, looks bigger, moves faster, and hits harder. The camera shakes every time something explodes near you. Enemies are harder and smarter, and weapons and explosions are loud as hell.

Sold yet? The title has already won a slew of accolades, receiving a 'Mod Of The Year' award from the largest modding community out there, ModDB last year. With a release date of August 9 for the 19th iteration of this free mod, I'm quite inclined to pick up Doom again to see what the buzz is about.

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