Jul 31, 2013

The Fantasy Art Of Obo

When the amount of scifi content reaches critical mass, we must balance our content with a palate cleanser in the form of some good ole fantasy art, which brings us to the art of Obo. Based out of China, the traditionally trained digital illustrator has joined the ranks of Applibot, which in the last year or so has managed to recruit just about every talented head in the industry for it's digital trading card franchises.

Obo's traditional background comes through in his digital work, down to his painterly strokes and firm grasp on colors, enabling him to execute some truly fun compositions, despite the played out subject matter he's been assigned at times (The piece above is called 'Yet another Goblin'). Obo keeps himself well rounded with a healthy amount of plein air painting (Basically outdoor painting) in nature. Check out some more of his solid illustrations after the break!

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