Jul 13, 2013

The Art Of Marek Okon

In the videogame industry, there's a few paths you can head down  if you're in the 2D field: UI, Texturing, Concept art, and last but not least, Marketing and Illustration. Polish freelance illustrator Marek Okon headed down the fourth path, taking on a truly niche role in the gaming industry which typically amounts to a few key, high fidelity illustrations per project that end up being used for marketing purposes to promote the game.

Marek has had the chance to illustrate a handful of landmark titles over the last few years, including The Last Of Us, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Crysis 2, Lost Planet 3 and more, while recently making a transition into the film industry, where he's currently hard at work on the Wachowski's upcoming scifi feature, Jupiter Rising  as well as juggling work on other unannounced projects. Check out a few examples of his tight illustration work after the break!

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