Jul 24, 2013

Scifi Lego Goodness By Pierre Fieschi

With the recent news of Gearbox choosing to move ahead with HD remasters and potential sequels of the Homeworld franchise (Who's original creators are working on a spiritual successor called Hardware), I'm sure custom Lego builders all around are rejoicing at a chance to see this franchise return after a long period of dormancy.

I get the feeling that Homeworld became a huge point of attraction to many Lego builders thanks to the modular, angular designs of the fleet ships that were omnipresent in the title that lent themselves well to being translated into brick form. Over the years it seems to have become a prevalent practice for any good Lego builder to take a stab at recreating these ships to prove their mettle, like hobbyist and designer Pierre Fieschi, who even went so far as to expand the universe with his own creations. Check out more of his amazing Lego endeavors after the break, and like me you'll hopefully contemplate adding another pricey hobby to your list of daily activities.

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