Jun 20, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Jake Wyatt's "Necropolis"

Artist, animator and illstrtor Jake Wyatt has just begun posting a series of pages fo an upcoming, as of yet unnamed web comic going under the monicker of Necropolis, featuring a heroines adventures across landscapes inhabited by strange creatures seeking to 'claim her.' Somewhat of a mix between Berserk's cursed protagonist and Ico's Yorda, I've really loved what I've seen so far in terms of her personality, and am really itching to find out the mystery behind her journey and what these creatures seek from her.

Jake Wyatt has commented on his various art spaces that these prototype pages are the test bed for a website he'll be launching sometime in August, so stay tuned for more updates on his official Jake Wyatt Riot Tumblr. A few more pages of Necropolis after the break, featuring the conclusion of the heroines battle with those strange skeleton creatures.

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