Jun 27, 2013

The Epic Red5k Helicopter Journey - New Zealand

Directed by Mark Toia, this absolutely stunning beauty reel was crafted with the leftovers of footage captured over a 3 hour flyover of Southern New Zealand using a Red Epic 5k Camera mounted inside a custom built stabilization system designed for high speed movement called Shotover. The camera brain for the Red 5k itself runs over $25,000 without a lens, and it's not hard to see why once you full-screen the footage and take it all in.

A sample shot of an installed Shotover K1 System
I'd always wondered if it was possible to get this type of fluidity in aerial shots, especially following our article about the amazing advances in image stabilization with the MōVI, and the proof is finally here in video form. The shots are so fluid that it nearly doesn't seem possible without some form of  stabilization after the fact, but this was simply the result of Shotover's absolutely incredible tech developed for these types of shots. Check out Mark Toia's final commercial using the above footage after the break.

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