Jun 4, 2013

The Art Of Nababa - Anime, Cynicism And Surrealism

Nababa is one of the most interesting and controversial artists I've stumbled into in a while, with a body of work representing his opinions on the state of society and issues relevant to his views. There's a real anger and dissatisfaction present behind his images, a cynical outlook at the world that surrounds him, and in a way I feel that he uses an anime style in stark contrast with realism to simply showcase the banality that he sees through his eyes.

If you think about it, stylization  represents an idealized version of reality, and Nababa's main message is to wake up and see things as they really are. Shackled by this outlook, he's resorted to his talent in art to get his message out about the societal rot he's witnessed unfolding, and it's rather striking. Check out more of his work after the break.

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