Jun 7, 2013

The Art Of Luis Melo

Luis Melo is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based out of his colorful hometown of Lisbon, Portugal. With a main emphasis on doing concept art for various studios, he's focused most of his free time on pursuing other fields of growth like book cover illustration, comics, playing cards and posters. I especially loved his attempts to emulate a Ghibli style approach, like his vibrant personal idea piece for 'Zoujitsu' above, featuring a ninja elephant.

Melo has a few styles going on at any time depending on his client and stylistic affinities, ranging from painterly to a more comic book styled approach. Versatility is the key to being any successful freelancer, the ability to switch styles on a daily basis in a valuable asset to anyone going into such a career path. Check out more of Luis Melo's awesome work after the break!

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