Jun 28, 2013

The Art Of KJ Kallio

The recent trends in concept art in regards to gaming have definitely been moving towards photorealism, but I've always found stylized art to be much more appealing and timeless over the years. Finnish artist KJ Kallio embraces a more stylized, painterly approach to his illustrations and concepts, with a few thematic twists of his own. More than anything I love the dynamic nature of his pieces, typically featuring a hunt of some sort in progress.

Kallio's rendering style definitely reminds me of Blizzard illustrator Tully (Laurel Austin), who's work retains a similarly stylized aesthetic, for those of you unaware she was the main force behind the stylization of Brink. Kallio's love for hunters ultimately lead  him to create his own kickass huntress, Ladyhawk, whom you can check out after the break along with more art goodies. Keep an eye out for this one, he's definitely an up and comer.

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