Jun 26, 2013

Pixel Pancho's Rusty World

Pixel Pancho studios is an Italian street artist, illustrator and fine artist based out of Torino, Italy who grew up hopping between his hometown and Valencia, Spain during his traditional art education. This urban hopping lead to him becoming acquainted with the local graffiti and street art scenes in the respective cities, which ultimately influenced him to move away from the classic canvas and paper formula his peers adapted to using spray paint, markers, custom tiles, stickers and whatever medium he could get his hand on to leave his mark.

Ultimately this practice spread out to more European cities, and eventually he went international, participating in graffiti jams, gallery exhibits and more, evolving a simple concept into a full on identity that defines his work today. Pixel Pancho's visual aesthetic draws from the dusty, damaged, rusted and abandoned world that lies under a thick layer of dust, adding a sense of dented, robotic decay to every subject that he approaches. Be it superheroes,  decaying fast food mascots or his own original creations, Pixel Pancho's work retains an ultimately fun, colorful and whimsical vibe to it, bringing life to the abandoned buildings that his pieces typically inhabit. Check out a sampling of his gallery work after the break!

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