Jun 1, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Midnight Juggernauts, Hooded Fang, Disclosure

As both a new single and informative mini documentary, 'Memorium' from the Aussie alt dance/electropop outfit is a wonderful journey into the evolution of CGI over the years, culminating in a Kinect fueled jam at the Midnight Juggernaut's studio.

Hooded Fang's 'Ode To Subterrania' is a visually nightmarish, Rorschach blotted nightmare accented by some truly kickass indie rock from the Toronto based outfit. The track is from their newest album Gravez, which debuted on the 27th.

Directed by Bo Mirosseni, 'When A Fire Starts To Burn,' seems to indirectly channel the spirit of Baptazia's Super Sunday series, featuring a pastor and his parishioners being overcome by the fervent spirit of Disclosure. Loved it.

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