Jun 9, 2013

Maria Ke Fisherman's Fall/Winter 2013 Cyberpunk Fashion Collection

We don't typically post much in terms of fashion, mainly due to A)The amount of rehashing that occurs in that industry and B)Not having the means to license fashion photography for our quaint blog. Yet in the case of the techy fashion collective Maria Ke Fisherman, a Spanish duo consisting of Maria Lemus and Victor Alsono, they boldly chose to forego the cliché, designing a line of clothes based off of hazy, idealized memories of the early 90's onslaught of new cross cultural stimuli.

The duo collaborated with director Tomás Peña to visualize their collection and capture that  distinct aesthetic trapped in their mind's eye. The end result is colorful, blurry and strangely reminiscent of the type of aesthetic captured in Harmony Korine's venus flytrap of a film: Spring Breakers.

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