Jun 27, 2013

JonTron Leaves Game Grumps, Subscribers Collectively Lose It

It's a sad day for Game Grumps, after working on the show for over a year JonTron is departing. Thankfully, the not-so-grump isn't leaving the internet for good, he's only refocusing his work to his personal channel, The Jon Tron Show. Like all good things, this is another that has come to an end, or so the subscriber base of Game Grumps seems to believe. 

In the place of JonTron comes Danny from comedy band Ninja Sex Party, who was worked with Egoraptor countless times in the past. Despite Jon's warm goodbye it seems that subscribers have gone off the deep end, refusing to give Danny a chance and leave the channel in hordes. After a whopping two episodes of Danny's appearance, fans have managed to complete their opinion for the sudden shift in this Let's Play series, which is truly a shame as this is probably the last thing JonTron would have wanted in response to his leave.

Still, there's no pleasing everyone and while I'm still iffy with Danny myself, I can't say he's terrible, he's got the jokes and I like the jokes so if he keeps giving me jokes he's alright with me. This is just another case of unnecessary rage in a fandom that believes everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Reminds me of the backlash after their Naughty Bear episode...yeesh. Check out their newest episode featuring Danny above. Not a bad start.

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