Jun 21, 2013

Dr. Easy - An Unsettling Future

Created as a collaboration between Warp Films, Film4 and Shynola, Dr. Easy is a fantastic scifi short centered around the future of robotic involvement in hostage scenarios and crime. Starring a specialized medical robot with a soothing voice designed to empathise with desperate people, the plot revolves around a tense situation starring a broken man called Michael and his standoff with the police.

The short is based off of Matthew De Abaitua's novel, a futuristic affair focused on technology gone mad in the hands of digital facsimiles of rich and power corporate entities called The Red Men, which happens to also be the title of the book. At which point is it acceptable to have the human element completely removed from the equation? We've already seen this philosophy applied in real life, with creations like the 'last moment robot' designed to comfort dying patients. Is it appropriate, or humane?

The short itself was fantastically acted and directed, and thanks to the efforts of Jellyfish FX, the robotic assistant in this distinct scenario was truly believable and excellently composited into the bleak futuristic world that De Abaiuta crafted. This 'slice' of the movie was created as a proof of concept for a possible feature length treatment, so be sure to share it to help this get made.

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