Jun 21, 2013

A First Look At "The Dam Keeper" By Pixar Artists

Pixart Artist Dice Tsutumi and Robert Kondo are currently busy working on their independent animation project called The Dam Keeper (Working ittle), which was revealed as under development sometime in February via a newly created Facebook page. I've enjoyed following the progress of the short, with their production being funded by a series of sketch auctions.

In terms of experience, Robert Kondo is currently a senior art director at Pixar, with a total of 11 years and countless projects under his belt at the studio whereas Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutumi has around 6 years of experience at Pixar following a 7 year stint at Blue Sky studios on the Ice Age, Robots and Horton Hears A Who franchises. The talent on this project is absolutely stellar, and I'm hoping for an output similar to the Oscar nominated Adam and Dog short, which was the product of Disney animators working on a project on their free time. Check out an in depth look at the current production below.

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