Jun 29, 2013

20 Stunning Food Miniature Creations By Shay Aaron

At only 27 years old, miniature maker and jewelry artist Shay Aaron has made it his business to cater to a niche market with absolutely incredible miniaturized food items, which offer delectable visuals without the prospect of calories. The Israeli artist has spent the last few years honing his mastery of the medium after realizing that he could stand out from the already populated custom jewelery crowd by also mixing in his passion for food and cooking. This combination has allowed him to become the go to guy for 1:12 scale food items in the already niche dollhouse hobbyist realm.

Black forest cake: 5/8 of an inch.
In terms of materials, Shay mainly uses versatile polymer clays and adds metal, glass, paper, resins, acrylic paints, ceramics and more for finishing, while constantly looking for new materials to allow him to achieve a higher fidelity at the scale he's working with. While I initially ran into his work in 2009 and was amazed then, upon rediscovering his gallery in his Etsy store I was completely blown away by how much he'd managed to improve his pieces, finding a way to add even more detail and textural differences to the materials in his already miniscule creations, which max out at about 2 inches in size.

Whether you're savory or sweet, you'll find something that caters to your tastes after the break as we've assembled some of our favorite Shay creations. Be sure to follow him on Facebook for regular giveaways, or go get your hands on some of his pieces over at his well stocked Etsy shop!

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