May 22, 2013

The Humble Alan Wake Bundle

Alan Wake was one of my favorite original IPs from this generation and one of the few games that convinced me to pick up the Xbox 360. The incredible story telling techniques and genuinely creepy atmosphere stirred up feelings I thought had been lost after the decline of the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series. After delays, poor sales and a piece of DLC that mostly wraps up the game's loose ends, many lost hope of ever seeing a sequel. During the Xbox One's announcement, Remedy's newest project Quantum Break was announced further destroying any expectations for a return to Alan Wake, but today Sam Lake has provided a glimmer of hope for the cult classic.

For this week's Humble Weekly Sale, Remedy has provided both the collectors edition of Alan Wake and the American Nightmare DLC for whichever price you choose. This is a massive opportunity for Remedy to prove that interest for Alan Wake still exists and that returning to the world is still a possibility. If Sam Lake's announcement to the fans is anything to go by, the team still holds the IP close to their hearts and hopes that with our support they can return with a game fans deserve.

While I've already purchased both games on both Xbox 360 and PC, I decided to give it another push, because why the hell not? Head over to the Humble Bundle's website and throw as much money towards the game as you want, especially if you have yet to experience it.

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