May 23, 2013

Shelter: Pikmin Meets Badger Sim

Badgers are assholes, plain and simple, but they sure look pretty damn adorable in Might and Delight's Shelter. While the game is very early in development, Might and Delight (most recently known for Pid) has finally unveiled a bit of gameplay. While not much is really confirmed in terms of mechanics, the early footage showcases packs of badgers hunting down food in a style of play similar to Pikmin. The forest fire near the end has me incredibly intrigued for the possibility of other natural disasters, which in itself is enough depth to warrant a purchase.
I don't think I would have ever thought I'd be excited to spend time simulating the life of a badger, but here I am. Might and Delight also has a Steam Greenlight for Shelter which you can find over here.

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