May 2, 2013

'Ghost Of A Tale' Is Basically The Secret of Nimh Video Game

An Early Alpha Sneak Peak
Former Universal Studios animation director, Lionel Gallat is definitely pushing for an ambitious project with his first game, Ghost Of A Tale. With beautifully rendered 3D worlds and characters, Gallat hopes to create a "small yet beautiful game with environments that look a bit like movie sets" with gameplay mechanics similar to that of Zelda and a world similar to that of Redwall, Secret of Nimh and Robin Hood. As ambitious as the project sounds, Gallat has already released the first batch of early alpha footage which looks absolutely gorgeous for a one man project.

The amount of detail put into the environments and characters is absolutely stunning, but unfortunately that isn't always enough to make a game. In order to help reach the games completion, Gallat has created an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of around $60,000 in order to hire additional talent for the project. For such a beautiful title, Gallat's initial goal is an incredible modest amount but with only 12 days remaining the campaign is just barely reaching 50%. I still have faith that the game will be fully funded, but as it stands it's going to need quite a push.

So what do you think, are you planning to donate? Head over to the Indiegogo page for a few more screenshots along with a list of some awesome donation perks

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