May 2, 2013

Aslan Malik's Injustice League

German illustrator/mixed media artist Aslan Malik just created a new set of defaced currency bills as a followup to his Justice League series, featuring dollars repainted to have DC superheroes like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and more gracing them. Dubbed the Injustice League, his choice of currency definitely strikes home with the current political climate abroad.

The illustrators new set features a variety of villains painted on North Korean Won currency, featuring the entire ensemble of the dynastic Kim family painted out to look like the comically evil supervillains which they actually represent here in the real world. Check out the rest of the set after the break, featuring gems like Kim Il-Two-Face.  Fun story: While we wanted to repost the older set of Justice League, our photo editing software actually sent us federal warnings about editing currency and tried to shut down our computer. Check them out over here instead.

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