May 4, 2013

Animation Roundup : Onion, Sanguine, Two Chips

'Onion' is a charming animation by Erin Kim following the strange misadventures of an onion in a kitchen. Using an awesome aesthetic which mixed a paper cut out style and wtercolor, this short is all about a vegetable trying to find some friends with a similarly pungent disposition. Garlic it is!

Tracy Munch's 'Sanguine' is a pseudo-animated film around a red headed seductress putting her skills to use in a dark, moody bar. However, it's not men's hearts she yearns to win over, but something else entirely.

Based on a true story, 'Two Chips' is a humorous short based off of animator Adam Patch's wife drunkenly telling him a story following a few too many glasses of wine. Short, sweet and to the point.

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