May 20, 2013

AD Collective Volume VII - ToTo, La Bete, Aeon, Nick, Choros

For our new readers, Ad Collective is a weekly spotlight on creative advertising projects that push the creative envelope. We're not talking mind grating, generic commercials for car insurance and laundry detergent here, rather a spotlight on individuals trying to elevate the art of advertising into more of an art form rather than an exercise in playing it safe and taking no risks.

This week brings us a wide range of amazing projects and experimentation from creative collectives and passionate individuals spanning the globe. This week's advertising campaigns, in order:
  • London based artist/illustrator Malika Favre's animated project for the Japanese TOTO brand is an excellent showcase of her distinct, graphic style which relies heavily on negative space, patterns and limited palettes. to sell the distinct message of how a brand brings two people together.
  • Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka's La Bete is an experimental animated short about the intermingling of light and shadow, featuring a female dealing with a dark beast born from within.
  • Created as a palette cleanser in between lectures during TEDxSydney by the DMCI collective, AEON is a reflective journey across natural seasons and cyclicality with an overarching theme of growth.  Executed with a low-poly look, the short relies on light and sound to sell the concepts of what we're looking at. Relaxing.
  • Argentinian studio Ronda's playful Nickelodeon ideas were centered around building the 'Nick' logo with a variety of letter shaped characters.
  • Michael Langan and Terah Maher's Choros is a mesmerizing, long form piece about a chorus of female dancers created from the image of one.  


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