Apr 8, 2013

This Custom Evangelion/Gundam Mashup Figure Must Be Mine

As I laid eyes upon this beauty I couldn't help but yell out, "Oh my god, why hasn't this been done before?" because let's face it, it should have. This custom created model is by far one of the coolest mech pieces I've seen this year. The incredible attention to detail really sells this thing as a set that should exist as a purchasable product, because god damn is it sexy.

The figure, titled The White Devil of E.F.S.F (holy sh*t, even the name is cool as hell) was created by artist, Dunpeel, who's website is filled to the brim with more custom kits. While only one exists I'm currently throwing money at the screen hoping more might pop up eventually.

Hit the jump for a breakdown of Dunpeel's work along with a better view from all angles.

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