Apr 6, 2013

The Art Of HyeSeung Lee

HyeSeung Lee is a Korean transplant currently living in Chofu, Tokyo following a migration east to pursue an animation career. Lee's work carries a distinctly Koreanime vibe to it, mixing both eastern and western influences into something reminiscent of anime, but not quite. A good example of this is Jo Beum-jin's 2006 animated feature Aachi & Ssipak, which resembled a bizarre mix between Rugrats and Tekkon Kinkreet.

Whereas Joe Beum drew from Klasky & Csupo's mildly unsettling cartoon, Lee has a self admitted fascination with Jamie Hewlitt of Gorillaz and Tank Girl fame, incorporating that inspiration into his work in his own distinct way. Check out more his colorful, kinetic work after the break!

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