Mar 16, 2013

Yang Yongliang's Moonlight Series


And now for a trip into the monochromatic realm, Moonlight is the latest from Yang Yongliang, a truly amazing based artist/photographer who figured out a way to combine his love for traditional Chinese painting with his experiences growing up in a rapidly evolving Shanghai. The paintings come off as dreamy, hazy natural landscapes at first, but at a closer glance you start to make out the buildings, highways and smog haze creating that artificially elevated sense of atmospheric perspective (Technical term for the effect the atmosphere has on the appearance of an object as it is viewed from a distance).

Juxtaposing the past and present of China in his fantastically executed pieces, Yang Yongliang's work speaks to the ever changing landscape of his country. Check out more from the Moonlight series after the break.

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