Mar 11, 2013

The Legend of Sarila

Quebec's first 3D CGI film was just released there recently, and will also show at TIFF's (Toronto International Film Festival) Kid Festival. 'The Legend of Sarila' is the story of an Inuit clan facing famine, while unbeknownst to them the famine is work of their shaman, who has turned to dark magic. But there might be hope in the mythical land of Sarila, located hidden among the glaciers.

The film's most notable star is Oscar winner and Canada-native Christopher Plummer.  Upon first glance, I'm not a huge fan of the 3D art, it comes across a bit stiff.  But there's something about the overall look, and primarily the story, that he piqued my interest. We'll be on the lookout for a US release, if any.

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