Mar 21, 2013

Music Video Roundup -Futurecop, Instrumenti, Wavves

Futurecop's just premiered their brand new music video for Atlantis 1997 a sick retro-synth pop track reminiscent of a mix between M83 and Kavinsky. Comprised of Pete Carrol and Manzur Iqbal, the duo also collaborated with French artist Laurent Ashe (Lifelike) to create a sick Italo Disco inspired remix of Atlantis 1997, which you can check out below.

 Uń£is Olte's direction of Instrumenti's Don't Hold Onto Me really takes me back to early, experimental music videos that dominated the scene back in the 80's and early 90's (Sledgehammer, anyone?) and the sound of pioneers like Gary Numan, best known for Cars. Stop motion, projection mapping and monochromatic imagery bring this excellent electropop track to life.

Wavv's latest music video for Demon To Lean On features a kid's journey to the dark side at a junkyard, where he encounters a secret colony of scrapper misfits, which goes well with the mildly grungy alt rock sound of the track. Directed by Chris Black.

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